Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Months Old Today. Dear Lord, Please Slow the Pace. Time Should Not Move So Quickly.

Today my sweet little baby is 10 months old. A surprise weather "event" found the daycare to be opening 1 hour late, so Mr. Avery got to go to work with mommy for a few minutes. It seems that, at home or away, Avery is fond of a few things, in no particular order of course:
  1. Anything that he might be able to choke on: loose staples, paper clips, pencil erasers, bits of paper on the floor.
  2. Cords - be them extension or ordinary he would like very much to chew on them or stick his finger behind them in the socket.
  3. Sockets AKA Electrical Outlets - he loves to touch them, pull at anything in them, and in general ponder them with his germy little fingers.
  4. Garbage Cans - Especially full or nasty ones that no one else wants to touch.
  5. Petting Copper - Which 100% of the time equals Copper biting Avery. Go figure.
  6. Obstacles - So that he might crawl over them or push past them.
My boy is a total spitfire. I expect our hands to be full for at least the next 17 years. Avery doesn't show any signs of being boring. He crawls everywhere, would prefer to push the stroller than to ride in it, and hates the word No! Brace yourselves, we have!

I don't always feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but I definitely feel like I am the winner of the Mommy lottery!

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