Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Lord, Give Me Strength and Make Me Better

Tonight was a rough night. Avery pulled his regular bathtub antics. Splash, suck the washcloth (yuck), splash some more, and then, he threw in a little I think I'm gonna just stand up if it's all the same to you. Well, needless to say, slippery baby, coupled with soap, water, and a nervous mom, wound us up with our first tub "accident". Mr. Stubborn managed to topple over and get his whole face in the water.

I nearly pooped my pants. Literally. He was probably fine, but my hysterics made things about 100 times worse. I called Allison to see if he was going to drown in his sleep, cried, cried some more, prayed, cried, got mad at Greggie for no good reason, and then nearly had a heart attack.

Being a mom is hard and scary. I am so glad that when I call BFF sounding hysterical and stupid she doesn't judge me, and she puts me at ease.

How did people do this before telephones? You won't hear me say this very often, but Hillary Clinton was right. It does take a village. Especially when the mom is the village IDIOT!


  1. You are too funny....and too hard on yourself. It DOES take a village. Trust me...they are great to party with later.

  2. You are a fabulous mom!!! Don't doubt yourself for one minute. And Avery will never have to wonder how much you love him!!

  3. I'm just amazed that he is trying to stand up - wow A-man!! Don't beat yourself up...we've all been there. Isn't it crazy how our imaginations can run? Trust me, worrying that he was going to drown hours later in his sleep doesn't even come close to some of the crap I'm thought up. I've worried myself sick after eating peanuts and then holding Logan...not once, but twice!! You would think I had learned my lesson!! We're doing great :)